Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting

Wednesday, May 8, 2019
10:00 a.m. CST
14th floor at CME Group, located at 20 South Wacker Drive, Chicago, Illinois

You are entitled to vote if you were a Class A or Class B shareholder of CME Group as of the close of business on March 11, 2019 (record date)

Under the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s Notice and Access rules, companies may satisfy their obligation to deliver proxy materials by delivering a "Notice of Internet Availability of Proxy Materials" to shareholders, providing Internet access to the proxy materials, and providing a printed set of proxy materials by mail to any shareholder who requests them. This year, CME Group has elected to take advantage of these rules.  We believe that providing our proxy materials over the Internet increases the ability of our shareholders to receive the information they need, while reducing the environmental impact of our annual meeting. 
This Notice was mailed on or around March 22, 2019. If you received a Notice, you will not receive a printed copy of the proxy materials in the mail.  The Notice provides instructions on how you may vote your shares over the Internet. If you would like to receive paper copies or electronic copies of our proxy materials, you may follow the instructions in the Notice. 

You are entitled to attend the annual meeting only if you were, or you hold a valid legal proxy naming you to act for, one of our shareholders on the record date. Please note that seating is limited, and admission will be accepted on a first come, first-served basis.  As described in the proxy statement, you must present valid photo identification, such as a driver’s license or passport, for admittance. If you are not a stockholder of record but hold shares as a beneficial owner in street name, you must also provide proof of beneficial ownership as of the record date, such as your most recent account statement prior to March 11, 2019, a copy of the voting instruction form provided by your broker, bank, trustee, or nominee, or other similar evidence of ownership. If you do not provide photo identification or comply with the other procedures outlined above, you will not be admitted to the annual meeting. Shareholders will not be allowed to use cameras (including cell phones with photographic capabilities), recording devices or other electronic devices at the meeting.

For your convenience, a live webcast of the annual meeting will be provided from our Investor Relations section of our website

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