Board of Directors Audit Committee
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Audit Committee

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Audit Committee
  • Appoints our independent auditors.
  • Reviews the quarterly and annual financial statements and audit results and reports, including management comments and recommendations.
  • Reviews the results and scope of audits and other services provided by our independent auditors.
  • Reviews accounting and internal control procedures and policies.
  • Reviews risk exposure of actual or threatened litigation.
  • Reviews significant accounting policies, estimates, audit adjustments and other matters as required.
  • Reviews the audit efforts of our independent auditors and internal audit department.
  • Reviews and approves any non-audit services by our independent auditors in accordance with our Audit and Non-Audit Services Policy.
  • Reviews complaints regarding accounting, internal controls or auditing matters.
Audit Committee Charter   Add to Briefcase
Procedures for Handling Complaints About Accounting Matters   Add to Briefcase
Audit and Non-Audit Services Policy   Add to Briefcase
Related Party Transaction Approval Policy   Add to Briefcase
Committee Members

Dennis H. Chookaszian, Chairman

Jeffrey M. Bernacchi

Elizabeth A. Cook

Larry G. Gerdes

Deborah J. Lucas

Terry L. Savage

Dennis A. Suskind